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Drug Addiction

"Addiction to Opioids in New York, specifically Long Island, is becoming an epidemic. Addressing addiction must take place on multiple fronts. Over prescription, drug dealers, and the addicts themselves. "


"While the rest of the country awaits changes to our healthcare system, New York should act on its own. It has been decades since the New York Health Act was introduced and it has evolved into a formidable bill that can change the fortunes of New York. 

  The New York Health Act will not only provide excellent healthcare to all the residents of New York but it will stop the mass exodus of our residents moving to other states due to costs and it will bring back industries to Long Island. We will once again become an attractive target for businesses to build in once again." 

Job Automation

"In the past automation had become a serious issue for factory workers primarily. Recently fast food workers and supermarket employees have fallen victim to the dangers of automation and technology. We see them everywhere: the automated kiosks or self-check out, even Marty the ridiculous robot at Stop and Shop. Cashiers and maintenance workers at these establishments are losing their jobs or on the cusp of losing their jobs. These businesses are not struggling. McDonald’s and Wendy’s are of course doing very well and in no danger of going out of business. If we don’t do something to prevent the displacing of workers, the burden will fall on the state and the tax payer to take care of those workers who can’t find work in a dwindling job market filled with automation."

Climate Change

"The evidence is clear climate change is real. We have little time to try and repair our environment. We have the technology and the motivation and we must begin to use both!

I want NY to become a beacon of sustainable energy. Solar and Wind energy are now realistic forms of energy and we must begin to harness these types of renewable sustainable energy sources to their fullest extent. We must invest in wind and solar farms immediately. "

Universal Pre-K

"Educating our children earlier should be a priority for all communities. Private pre-schools can be prohibitive in terms of cost for many families. Therefore, those with the means to pay for private pre-school will have provided an immediate advantage for their children, while those in poverty will be behind and the cycle of poverty continues."

Gun Violence

"Every bad guy with a gun, was a good guy when we gave it to them. We must continue to come up with ways to improve our ability to prevent guns from getting into the wrong hands. Legislators have a responsibility to our residents to make sure they are safe." 

Cash Bail

"Money should not be a determining factor for someone's freedom. Lets look at the following scenario:

Two people are charged with the same crime, both people get a cash bail decision of $40,000 from the judge. Person A has the money and is able to get out quickly and await trial from their home. Person B doesn't have the money and awaits trial from jail. Both people are found not guilty 4 months later.

Why was money the only thing keeping Person B from their family, job and home for four months prior to trial? 

Charged does not equal convicted."

Income Inequality

The disparity in income on Long Island is startling. I support legislation that help level the playing field for all New Yorker's and help fund progressive policies such as the New York Health Act and Universal Pre-K. Legislation such as a billionaire wealth tax presented by Senator Jessica Ramos and Assembly Member Carmelita Cruz. and Senate Bill S&629 which taxes corporate stock buy backs. 

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